تجارب حرفه ای

Attorney & Counselor at Law and a Member of the Iran Bar Association

International Contracts and Litigation Lawyer at the Central Bank of Iran

Senior Legal Counsel and a Member of IDRO Negotiating Team for E&P and IPC Contracts

Senior Legal Counsel for International Contracts and Litigation at IPMI

Legal Advisor at Sina Energy Development Company for Upstream/Downstream Industries

Principal Consultant at Jam Petrochemical Company

Board Member and Legal & Contracts Manager at PEDEX

Legal Advisor at Delta Compressions S.R.L for Foreign Investment in Iran

Senior Legal Counsel at the Central Securities Depository of Iran

Collaborative Networking with Major International Lawyers and Law Firms

Leading Council of PPI, OIEC and IPMI v. Satarem in China, Hong Kong and France Jurisdictions

Leading Council of Nasr Consortium consisting of four companies namely Navrood, Aria Pishrow Gharn, Steam and Radira v. MINIMAX Co. in German Courts

Leading Council of IPMI v. Canadoil in UAE Jurisdiction

Leading Council of IPMI v. BAF Valves in the Netherlands Jurisdiction

Principal Legal Consultant of PEDEX v. Sofregaz in France Jurisdiction and ICC International Court of Arbitration in Paris

Legal Representative of Central Bank of Iran v. Council of the European Union in EU General Court in Luxemburg

Legal Advisor of Peterson v. Central Bank of Iran and Government of Iran in US Federal Courts

Final Review of Jam Petrochemical Company’s International Tender Documents for COMPLEX OF PDH/PP/UTILITIES, OFF SITE PLANTS including Grant of License, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, Start Up, Performance Test Run and Securing Finance

Final Review of Iran Mineral Salts Company’s International Tender Documents for Potassium Sulfate Producing Plant

Drafting PEDEX’s International Tender Documents for Purchasing Four Sets of Drilling Rigs 2000HP and a Variety of Tender Documents for Civil Works and Drilling Services at a number of Oil & Gas Fields

Instructor of Workshop on Drafting and Review of Commercial Contracts with an emphasis on International Oil & Gas Contracts, Institute of Public Law Studies, University of Tehran, February 2017

Instructor of Workshop on the Evaluation of New Iran Petroleum Contract (IPC), Imam Sadiq University, November 2015

Instructor of Workshop on the Analysis of Peterson v. Central Bank of Iran in US Federal Courts, Institute of Comparative Law, University of Tehran, May 2016

Instructor of Seminar on the Analysis of Foreign Investment in Iran’s Capital Market, Institute of Comparative Law, University of Tehran, May 2016

Instructor of Workshop on the Law of Tenders and Contracts in Oil and Gas Industry, PEDEC, December 2017

Researcher at the Monetary and Banking Research Institute working on the Iran Financial Sector Reform Plan

Dr. Maghsoud Imani Markid

Founding Manager & Senior Partner

Email: ceo@dadayinlaw.com


سوابق آموزشی

PhD in Economic and Financial Law, University of London, King’s College, UK

PhD in Private Law, University of Tehran, Iran

LLM in International Trade and Oil & Gas Law, University of California Berkeley, USA

MA and BA in Law, Imam Sadiq University, Tehran, Iran

Senior Lecturer at a number of universities including University of Tehran, Imam Sadiq University, Shahid Beheshti University, Allameh Tabataba’i University and University of Judicial Sciences and Administrative Services







      Practice Areas

  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries
  • International Trade
  • Monetary and Banking
  • Securities and Exchange Market
  • Foreign Investment

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