Our Vision

چشم انداز موسسه

The vision of DADAYIN is to be one of the best law firms in the Middle East within 10 years from its date of establishment and be able to compete with European and American law firms within 15 years

Our Mission

ماموریت موسسه

The mission of DADAYIN is not only to benefit from highly skilled and experienced legal, financial and technical experts and consultants in compliance with professional standards, but it also aims to gain valuable experience by collaborating with well-reputed international law firms

DADAYIN International Law & Arbitration Firm was established in September 2015 to address the needs of the Iranian oil and gas industry, and those related to international trade and finance which include managing contract negotiations in a comprehensive manner, drafting of a variety of contracts, preparing memoranda of understandings and minutes of meetings as well as managing dispute settlements whether financial, technical or legal. In addition, with a particular emphasis on the post-JCPOA era, DADAYIN provides complementary services including preparing foreign investment contracts especially for the new Iran Petroleum Contracts (IPC), setting-up joint ventures with Iranian E&P companies, banking operations, financing, and investing in stock exchange and securities market in Iran. Other services entail the provision of a variety of legal services for the owners of the mentioned industries as well as exporters, importers and international carriers.

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Tehran, Iran

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